2023 Program Agenda (EST)

8:50 amCem Taşan
Welcome and Introduction
9:00 amLei Lu
Plastic Deformation of Gradient Nanostructured Metallic Materials
9:45 amThierry Grosdidier
(UL-Lab Damas)
Functional Properties of Gradient Structures Obtained by Surface Severe Plastic Deformation
Break (10:30-11:00 am)
11:00 amEric A. Jägle
(Bundeswehr Munich)
Thermal and Chemical Spatial Structuring of Microstructures by Additive Manufacturing
11:45 amMoataz M. Attallah
Multi-Themed Additive Manufacturing for Functional Grading
Lunch Break & Group Photo (12:30-1:30 pm)
1:30 pmBianca M. Colosimo
Big Data Mining for Microstructure Classification and Prediction in Additive Manufacturing
2:15 pmMinh-Son Pham
Meta-structures: Natural Crystalline Microstructure to Artificial Crystal Structures
Break (3:00-3:30 pm)
3:30 pmOnur Güvenç
Scaling Up Multilayers and Graded Structures Using Roll-Bonding: Is Mechanics on Our Side?
4:15 pmZachary C. Cordero
The End (of a Print) is only the Beginning
Adjourn (5:00 pm)