2021 Program Agenda (EST)

08:50 am Prof. C. C. Taşan
Welcome and introduction
09:00 am Prof. F. Dunne (Imperial)
Dwell Fatigue, α-β microstructures and microtextured regions
09:45 am Prof. Y. Wang (OSU) Creating compositional and structural heterogeneities to control pseudoelastic and plastic strain release during deformation
10:30 am Prof. F. Prima (ParisTech) Design and development of strain-transformable titanium alloys for improved resistance/ductility trade-off (Online)
Break (11:15-11:30 am)
11:30 am Dr. K. Fox
Titanium alloys in aerospace: Using understanding from service operation to inform alloy design (Online)
12:15 pm Dr. J. Mantione (ATI) ATI Titanium Alloy Design and Development (Online)
1:00 pm Dr. K. Calvert
Titanium industrial R&D (supplier perspective) (Online)
Lunch Break & Group Photo (1:45-2:15 pm)
2:15 pm Dr. L. Semiatin
(Air Force)
Some aspects of microstructure evolution and plastic flow of α/β titanium alloys under transient thermal conditions (Online)
3:00 pm Prof. S. Daly (UCSB) The effects of temperature and microstructure on slip in Ti-6242 under dwell fatigue (Online)
3:45 pm Mr. S.L. Wei
Heterogeneous and cooperative deformation in (α+β) Ti-Al-V-Fe at ambient temperature
Break (4:30-4:45 pm)
4:45 pm Prof. A. Beese
Fracture of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V (Online)
5:30 pm Dr. J. Kim
Room temperature H-embrittlement of Ti6Al4V: In situ investigations of mechanisms & solutions (Online)
Adjourn (6:15 pm)