08:50 am Prof. C. C. Tasan Welcome and introduction
09:00 am Prof. H. Sandim
The progress of microstructural characterization techniques to understand strain-induced martensite formation in steels
09:45 am Prof. Z.P. Lu
Developing advanced high-performance steels via engineering ordered nanoprecipitates
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Prof. G. Olson Materials genomics: TRIP steels by design
11:30 am Prof. J. Ågren Thermodynamics and kinetics of metastability
12:15 pm Lunch break
13:00 pm Prof. F. Caballero
Metastability and multi-scale complexity of bainitic and martensitic structures
13:45 pm Prof. R.D.K. Misra
High strength-toughness combination in engineering steels: A perspective on the development of concepts
14:30 pm Break
14:45 pm Prof. C. C. Tasan
Metastable interlath austenite: A journey from medium-Mn to stainless steels
15:30 pm Prof. J. Speer
Novel applications of medium-Mn steels
16:15 pm Prof. C. Hutchinson Damage resistant microstructures generated from chemically patterned austenite
16:45 pm Panel discussion
17:00 pm The End


08:00 amRegistration & Coffee 
08:25 amProf. C. C. TasanWelcome and introduction
08:30 amProf. J. Li Extreme metals: from nano to macro
09:15 amProf. M. KoyamaMicro-mechanisms of dislocation-driven crack resistance clarified through in situ ECCI
10:00 amCoffee Break 
10:15 amProf. A. HodgeMagnetron sputtering for alloy design: challenges andopportunities
11:00 amProf. S. KumarMicromechanical behavior of structural metals: case studies inhigh strength steels and nitinol
11:45 pmLunch & Photo 
12:30 pmProf. T. BielerIdentification of dislocations involved in slip transfer through grainboundaries in polycrystals
13:15 pmProf. A. ClarkeNew insights into metallic alloy microstructural evolution bymultiscale, in-situ/ex-situ characterization
14:00 pmCoffee Break 
14:15 pmProf. M. TaheriConnecting chemical and structural order in complex alloysthrough intelligent, multiscale microscopy
15:00 pmProf. T. P. WeihsDeformation driven precipitation in binary Mg alloys
15:45 pmShort Break 
15:50 pmPanel Discussion 


08:15 amRegistration & Coffee 
08:45 amProf. C. C. TasanWelcome and introduction
09:00 amProf. J. Schroers Experimental combinatorial strategies for material science and discovery
09:45 amProf. J. C. ZhaoCombinatorial metallurgy via high-throughput diffusion experiments
10:30 amCoffee Break 
10:45 amProf. J. Vlassak Combinatorial nano-calorimetry: a new tool for materials development
11:30 amProf. D. TrinkleComputing mass transport in solids
12:15 pmLunch 
13:15 pmProf. I. KaramanUsual functionalities in martensitically transforming materials
14:00 pmProf. C. C. TasanExploring guidelines for alloy design-for-reuse
14:45 pmCoffee Break 
15:00 pmProf. C. KochLow density high entropy alloys
15:45 pmProf. D. RaabeSegregation engineering enables confined phase transformations and intrinsically nanostructured alloys
16:30 pmProf. C. C. TasanClosing remarks
16:45 pmClosure 


08:15 amRegistration & Coffee 
08:45 amProf. C. C. TasanWelcome and introduction
09:00 amProf. D. C. DunandAl alloys
09:45 amProf. W. PooleMg alloys
10:30 amCoffee Break 
10:45 amProf. T. PollockSuperalloys
11:30 amProf. C. C. TasanSteels
12:15 pmLunch 
13:15 pmProf. R. YangTi alloys
14:00 pmProf. D. DyeShape memory alloys
14:45 pmCoffee Break 
15:00 pmProf. D. B. MiracleHigh entropy alloys
15:45 pmProf. E. A. OlivettiSustainability and alloy design
16:30 pmProf. C. C. TasanClosing remarks
16:45 pmClosure