Metals Processing Facilities

Arc Melter

Edmund Buhler Arc Melter AM500 with Suction Casting

Edmund Buhler Arc Melter AM500 is designed for melting samples of up to approximately 500 g at temperatures up to 3500°C. Its water-cooled copper crucible plate and multi-purpose moulds can be used to make button or rod samples, or customized. Melting process can be observed through viewing ports.

  • Water-cooled, double-walled high vacuum chamber
  • flexible, motor-driven, water-cooled tungsten electrode above the crucibles
  • Contactless ignition of the arc

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Seepel SPWEDM-10C Wire Cutting Machine

SPWEDM-10C Wire Cutting M/C is a high-performance EDM (electrical discharging machining) system, which is a compact cutting machine with a computer-based control system for user convenience. The machine operates the wire EDM in the direction perpendicular to the cutting direction (Z-axis), and cuts the sample by translating the sample jig in X- and Y- axis directions. THe output power can be controlled depending on sample properties and the size of the cutting surface. The quality of cut surface can also be controlled by changing the moving speed of the sample jig table. The EDM system is water-cooled to prevent overheating of wire and thermal deformation of samples.

Hot/Cold Rolling​

IRM 3050 Rolling Mill

IRM 3050 rolling mill is a hot/cold rolling system that can measure and adjust the roll gap and speed automatically. The roller is 3″ in diameter and 5″ in width. The roll power is ~5HP. The roller is made of H13 steel, which can be used up to 1000 °C and has a hardness around 60 Rockwell C. Samples are heated up using an additional furnace, and can be manually fed into the roller for hot-rolling. The roller can be preheated to 230 °C to prevent damages caused by sudden thermal shock.

Box Furnaces


Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue Moldatherm Box Furnaces

The Taşan Group has two box furnaces that can be operated with controlled atmosphere (e.g., Ar). The maximum temperature is 1200ºC.

Materials Production and Processing


Materials Processing

The Taşan Group has access to the The Merton C. Flemings Materials Processing Laboratory MIT, which is a metalworking facility that date back to MIT’s early years when nearly half the students studied Geology and Mining, which included metallurgy. The facility has various metalworking and processing equipment, including box furnaces, induction furnace, centrifugal casters, drill and hydraulic presses, various welding technologies, rolling mills, and other lab equipment. The group has also access to the arc melter available in the Short Lab and to the vacuum induction melter and rollers in the Uhlig Lab, both in Nuclear Science and Engineering Department of MIT.