Research Themes

We develop high resolution in-situ multi-field mapping methods. These methods rely on various scanning electron microscopy techniques (e.g. in-lens SE, EBSD, ECCI, EDS) as well as data post-processing techniques (e.g. DIC, n-point statistics) to map the evolutions of microstructural, chemical, and mechanical fields in a spatially-resolved manner.

Utilizing the developed multi-field mapping methods, we investigate the underlying physical mechanisms of microstructural transformation, plasticity, damage and repair processes in alloys. Some microprocesses of interest include hydrogen-defect interactions, mechanically-induced martensitic transformation, and microcrack nucleation, growth and coalescence.

With the improved understanding of critical microstructural mechanisms, we design damage resistant alloys that have properties superior than those of existing materials. Recent designed materials include metastable dual-phase high entropy alloys, TRIP-Maraging steels, refractory high entropy alloys, and multi-gradient steels.