Submitted Manuscripts

Carbon segregation and cementite precipitation at grain boundaries in quenched and tempered lath martensite

L. Morsdorf, A. Kashiwar, C. Kübel, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)

Friction surfacing coatings with metastable phases

M. Jiang, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)

Electrochemically-stimulated desorption: An alternative solution for hydrogen embrittlement

J. Kim, X. Yao, D. Kong, J. Li, B. Yildiz, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)

Calphad-assisted design of high strength – ductility martensitic stainless-steels with reverted austenite

M. Jiang, H.S. Oh, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)

Detecting Thermally-Induced Spinodal Decomposition with Picosecond Ultrasonics in Cast Austenitic Stainless Steels

S. Al Dajani, B. R. Dacus, C. A. Dennett, M. G.Burke, L. Waldron, T. S. Byun, J. J. Wall, K. Anglin, O. A. Al Dajani; K. J. Krakowiak, F.-J. Ulm, A. Schwartzmann, C.C. Taşan; P. Hosemann, M. P. Short, submitted (2021)

Strain partitioning in a multi-phase V-Ti-Ni alloy containing superelastic nano-precipitates

J.L. Cho, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

On discontinuities when computing the stress-field from the strain: A finite volume discretization

B.C. Cameron, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

An in-situ SEM elevated temperature investigation of serrated plastic flow and damage micro-events in a CoCrFeNiW-C alloy

S.L. Wei, D.P. Moriarty, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Partial differential equations to determine elasto-plastic stress-strain behavior from measured kinematic fields

B.C. Cameron, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Multi-phase co-deformability in a Ti-Al-V-Fe-Si-O (α+β) titanium alloy: An in situ study of microstructural strain localization and damage

J.Y. Kang, H.S. Oh, S.L. Wei, G. Zhu, I. Nakahata, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Hydrogen embrittlement resistance in additively manufactured 316L stainless steels with decorated dislocation cell structure

D. Kong, J. Kim, C. Dong, S. Wei, H. Yan, X. Ni, L. Zhang, X. Lia, C.C. Taşan (submitted)