Submitted Manuscripts

Deterministic calculation of elasto-plastic stress-strain behavior from arbitrary deformation fields

B.C. Cameron, C.C. Tasan, submitted (2021)

In-situ investigation of strain partitioning and microstructural strain path development up to and beyond necking

H.S. Oh, K. Biggs, O. Guvenc, H. Ghassemi-Armaki, N. Pottore, C.C. Tasan, submitted (2021)

Composition-dependent slip planarity in mechanically-stable face centered cubic high entropy alloys and its mechanical effects

F. He, S.L. Wei, J.L.Cann, Z. Wang, J. Wang, C.C. Tasan, submitted (2021)

Multi-phase co-deformability in a Ti-Al-V-Fe-Si-O (α+β) titanium alloy: An in situ study of microstructural strain localization and damage

J.Y. Kang, H.S. Oh, S.L. Wei, G. Zhu, I. Nakahata, C.C. Tasan, submitted (2021)

Element-resolved local lattice distortion in complex concentrated alloys: An observable signature of electronic effects

E.S. Park, K. Odbadrakh,Y. Ikeda, S. Mu, F. Körmann, C.J. Sun, H.S. Ahn, K.N. Yoon, D. Ma, C.C. Tasan, T. Egami (submitted)

In-situ investigation of plasticity in a Ti-Al-V-Fe (α+β) alloy: Slip mechanisms, strain localization, and partitioning

S.L. Wei and C.C. Tasan (submitted)

In-situ scanning electron microscope thermal desorption spectroscopy (SEM-TDS) analysis of thermally-induced titanium hydride decomposition and reformation

  H. Yan, J. Kim, C. C. Tasan (submitted)

Understanding charge transfer and lattice distortion correlation in 3d complex concentrated and high-entropy alloys

H. Oh, K. Odbadrakh, Y. Ikeda, S. Mu, F. Körmann, C.J. Sun, H. S. Ahn, K.N. Yoon, D. Ma, C. C. Tasan, T. Egami, and E.S. Park (submitted)

Hydrogen embrittlement resistance in additively manufactured 316L stainless steels with decorated dislocation cell structure

D. Kong, J. Kim, C. Dong, S. Wei, H. Yan, X. Ni, L. Zhang, X. Lia, C.C. Tasan (submitted)

Martensite mechanical response in quenching and partitioning steels

M-M. Wang, J-C. Hell, C.C. Tasan

Physical insights on microstructural damage nucleation from data analytics

B. Cameron, C.C. Tasan

Stress-state regulation by thermo-mechanically introduced multi-gradient structure in dual phase steel

D. Yan, S.M. Taheri-Mousavi, J. Kang, C.C. Tasan