Submitted Manuscripts

Role of the nanoscale austenite in micro-strain heterogeneity in martensitic stainless steels

H.S. Oh, J. Kang, M. Jiang and C.C. Taşan,  submitted (2022)

Alloying chemistry effects in γ´ strengthened CoNiCrFe high-entropy alloys

P. Pandey, S. Kumar, N. Khatavkar, H.S. Oh, A. Godha, S.K. Makineni, A. Singh, C.C. Taşan, K. Chattopadhyay,  submitted (2022)

Neighborhood effects on mechanically induced martensitic transformation:
An in situ investigation in a ferritecontaining QP steel

J. Kang, N. S. Pottore, H. Zhu, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)

Friction surfacing coatings with metastable phases

M. Jiang, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)

Calphad-assisted design of high strength – ductility martensitic stainless-steels with reverted austenite

M. Jiang, H.S. Oh, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)