Submitted Manuscripts

Multilayer alumina/aluminum coatings as damage-resistant hydrogen permeation barriers

J. Kim and X. Yao, V. Somjit, S.Y. Kim, J. Li, B. Yildiz, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2024)

Enabling use of embrittlement-prone materials by all-solid hydrogen desorption system

K-S. Kim, J-S. Park, Y-C. Yoon, J. Kim, J. Li, B. Yildiz, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2024)

Hydrogen can both move or pin dislocations in metals

K-S. Kim, Q-J. Li, J. Li, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2024)

On spatial variations in hydrogen-induced dislocation activity: An in-situ investigation

H. Yan, J. Kim, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2024)

Beyond the dynamic Hall-Petch effect: Mechanical twinning for microscopic strain delocalization

J. Kang, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2024)

Alloying chemistry effects in γ´ strengthened CoNiCrFe high-entropy alloys

P. Pandey, S. Kumar, N. Khatavkar, H.S. Oh, A. Godha, S.K. Makineni, A. Singh, C.C. Taşan, K. Chattopadhyay,  submitted (2022)

Friction surfacing coatings with metastable phases

M. Jiang, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2022)