Submitted Manuscripts

Detecting Thermally-Induced Spinodal Decomposition with Picosecond Ultrasonics in Cast Austenitic Stainless Steels

S. Al Dajani, B. R. Dacus, C. A. Dennett, M. G.Burke, L. Waldron, T. S. Byun, J. J. Wall, K. Anglin, O. A. Al Dajani; K. J. Krakowiak, F.-J. Ulm, A. Schwartzmann, C.C. Taşan; P. Hosemann, M. P. Short, submitted (2021)

Tuning mechanical metastability of hexagonal close-packed martensite in FeMnCo medium entropy alloys

S.L.Wei, M. Xu, J. Lebaue, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Strain partitioning in a multi-phase V-Ti-Ni alloy containing superelastic nano-precipitates

J.L. Cho, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

On discontinuities when computing the stress-field from the strain: A finite volume discretization

B.C. Cameron, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

An in-situ SEM elevated temperature investigation of serrated plastic flow and damage micro-events in a CoCrFeNiW-C alloy

S.L. Wei, D.P. Moriarty, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Electrochemical healing of hydrogen embrittlement in steels

J. Kim, X. Yao, D. Kong, J. Li, B. Yildiz, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Two steels in one: Surface processing creates a Lüders-band-free medium Mn – dual phase steel

Z.Y. Liang, Z.H. Cao, J. Lu, M.X. Huang, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Hydrogen-induced martensitic transformation and twinning in Fe45Mn35Cr10Co10

M.R. Ronchi, H. Yan, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Towards multi-material additive manufacturing via laser powder bed fusion: A case study of Mn-graded steel

A.G. Demir, J. Kim, F. Caltanisetta, A.J. Hart, C.C. Taşan, B. Previtali, B.M. Colosimo, submitted (2021)

Deterministic calculation of elasto-plastic stress-strain behavior from arbitrary deformation fields

B.C. Cameron, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

Multi-phase co-deformability in a Ti-Al-V-Fe-Si-O (α+β) titanium alloy: An in situ study of microstructural strain localization and damage

J.Y. Kang, H.S. Oh, S.L. Wei, G. Zhu, I. Nakahata, C.C. Taşan, submitted (2021)

In-situ investigation of plasticity in a Ti-Al-V-Fe (α+β) alloy: Slip mechanisms, strain localization, and partitioning

S.L. Wei and C.C. Taşan (submitted)

In-situ scanning electron microscope thermal desorption spectroscopy (SEM-TDS) analysis of thermally-induced titanium hydride decomposition and reformation

H. Yan, J. Kim, C. C. Taşan (submitted)

Hydrogen embrittlement resistance in additively manufactured 316L stainless steels with decorated dislocation cell structure

D. Kong, J. Kim, C. Dong, S. Wei, H. Yan, X. Ni, L. Zhang, X. Lia, C.C. Taşan (submitted)